April 2024 Dogs Needing Homes

April 2024 Dogs Needing Homes

Last Saturday, we photographed foster dogs for Dallas Street Dog Advocates. We had so much fun (even with all the rain and wet dogs) and met some of the most amazing pups.

Great, big thank you to all the DSDA foster families AND volunteers!!!

Carol, you're the best wrangler ever! Thanks for toughing it out the entire shoot.  We really couldn’t have gotten it done without you.

Ginger, you were beyond amazing with Clark. So appreciate you!

Jessica, Thanks for being a total trooper and loving Frankie so much. 

Amelia & Ty, That sweet Bruin sure is lucky to have you. Thank you!

Elise, As always, thanks for making our shoot a total and complete success.

Nobody does a better job at rescue than you! So glad you brought Frosty. Laid back, loving and totally adorable…what more could you ask for?

Cathy, really appreciate you bringing Sybil. Such a sweet girl!

Victoria, You're so incredible with every dog, especially that precious Oberon.

Stephanie, Even though you had only gotten a few hours sleep, thanks for making sure Libra made it. We got some wonderful shots because of you.

The Adopt Me bandanas were designed and hand-painted by Healing Species Of Texas students at JD Hall Learning Center, Lancaster ISD.

Please join us for our next shoot. If you know of any rescue organizations that need great photos to help find their foster dogs homes, please call Janet at (214) 448-1009. Also, we would love your help as a volunteer.

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