How does Hooray For the Underdog! give back?

How can I carry Hooray For the Underdog! greeting cards in my store?

Can I hire you to photograph my dog?

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How does Hooray For the Underdog! give back?

You’ll find that Oprah was right when she named Hooray For The Underdog! (two years in a row) as one of her favorites for “gifts that give back.”

Started by Husband and wife team Joe Grisham and Janet Healey, this wonderful and inspiring stationery collection celebrates the power and spirit of rescued animals everywhere. Through their exceptional images and moving stories of abandoned pets that were given a second chance, this duo is on a mission to save lives by making animal rescue and adoption everyone’s first choice.

Janet and Joe have been making pictures together since 1992. Janet was working as a stylist and Joe as a photographer when they decided they wanted to do something for their community. Their "big idea" was to use their talents in advertising to make a difference in the way people looked at throwaway dogs. Janet got on the phone and called all the local animal shelters and rescue organizations to see if they could help find homes for their dogs by taking photos of them. Just about everybody thought she was trying to sell them something. But one small group listened. They showed up at the studio that week with 11 Jack Russell Terriers (one of the most highly abandoned breeds in this country) in crates, on leash, off leash and with some being carried like babies. They completely took over the place. Not one dog stayed on set or cooperated in any way. But by the end of the day Janet and Joe were hooked. Exhausted, elated and in love with every one of them, this was the start of their rooting for the underdog, their greeting card line, and their pro bono work that is still going strong today. In fact, they reserve the first Thursday of every month to photograph any and all local “dogs needing homes”. These photos are then posted on the individual rescue organization’s websites, Petfinder.com and Facebook.

Here are some other ways that Hooray For The Underdog! gives back:

  • Monthly Find A Dog A Home Photo Shoots.
  • Talent fees for rescued animals used in their books & stationery line go directly to the fostering organizations
  • Art work donated to rescue fund raisers and promotions
  • Greeting cards and stationery donated to fund raising events for animal welfare
  • Greeting cards, postcards, invitations and posters designed specifically for and donated to rescue organizations
  • Fund raisers hosted at Hooray For The Underdog! studio for shelters and rescue groups
  • Spay and Neuter billboard campaign on DART Buses and their three-story building in downtown Dallas
  • SPCA of Texas "Find Your Best Friend" Dart Bus campaign

The following organizations have collaborated with Hooray For The Underdog!: SPCA of Texas, Operation Kindness, North Shore Animal League, PetSmart Charities, Poodle Rescue of North Texas, Weimaraner Rescue, Animal Rescue of Texas, Metroplex Mutts, Paws In The City, National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas, Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Southwest Jack Russell Terrier Rescue, Dog and Kitty City, Emma’s Wish Senior Dog Rescue, Great Dane Rescue of North Texas, Buddha And The Bull Rescue, Dallas Pets Alive, SOS Fosters For Pets In Need, Duck Team 6, Hurry Home Active Dog Rescue, SNAP (Spay And Neuter Action Project) SPCA Bradley County, Tennessee, DFW Pug Rescue, Rockwall Pets and Dallas Animal Services

Janet and Joe would love to hear your ideas on ways they can help your organization.
Drop them a note at info@hoorayfortheunderdog.com.


How can I carry Hooray For the Underdog! greeting cards in my store?

Can I hire you to photograph my dog?

We schedule sessions at our studio in downtown Dallas. The cost is $1,750 and includes the portrait session and a 16" X 20" archival pigment print on watercolor paper. If you prefer smaller prints, you can choose two 8 X 10's or three 5 X7 's.
Pricing includes minimal retouching. The portraits are shot in both color and black and white.

Schedule Your Session:

To schedule, please call us at (214) 395-8990.

Prior To Your Photography Session:

A phone consultation with Janet and Joe will occur before your shoot date to find out your personal style and collaborate with you on a beautiful photograph for your home. At this time, you will pay your deposit of $500.

The Session:

The shoot takes about an hour, and we try several poses and expressions. We shoot a lot of captures...close-ups, full body and abstracts. We're very conscious of not stressing out your dog, in fact we try to make it fun and always include plenty of liver treats. Extensive retouching will be billed at $125 per hour. There will be a charge of $100 per additional person or pet.

Choosing Images:

Immediately after your session, we put together an initial edit to get a feel for what you like. A few days later, the processed images are posted on the web for you to make your picks.

The Print:

Once you have chosen your final image(s), you will receive a 16X20 archival pigment print or the other prints you requested. If you decide on two 8X10's or three 5X7's, you can choose multiple images. All prints are printed on watercolor paper with hand torn edges. We have framing options available and additional print pricing upon request.

How can I get free shipping?

All US retail orders over $75 includes FREE SHIPPING

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