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Fletch, Sugar, Cosmo, Ethel and Friendship Greeting Card

Fletch, Sugar, Cosmo, Ethel and Friendship Greeting Card

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Single folded greeting card with white envelope. Printed responsibly, right here in the USA on 5 x 7" premium cover weight, recycled paper stock. Dogs in front of a Texas Flag. Card back features the Golden Retriever's, Pit Bull's, Terrier-mix's, German Shepherd's and Australian Shepherd's Underdog profile.


Inside - howdy

Back of Card


Fletch, Sugar, Cosmo, Ethel and Darcie


Scary days in the shelter are behind them now. With the help of some dedicated rescue workers, these "throwaways" will never know loneliness or neglect again and will be cherished for the rest of their lives.


Proving we need them as much as they need us. Fiercely loyal, loving and devoted, they give us a sense of purpose and well-being that only the human-canine bond can.

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