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Penelope, Jasmine & Ruby Birthday Greeting Card

Penelope, Jasmine & Ruby Birthday Greeting Card

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Our Best Greeting Card!

Single folded greeting card with white envelope. Printed responsibly in the USA on 5 x 7" premium cover weight, recycled paper stock.
Birthday card back features the Underdogs' profile.


Cover - happy birthday
Inside - hope it's one totally awesome ride

Back of Card


Penelope, Jasmine & Ruby


Two lived on the street. The other was dumped in the night box at a city shelter. Today, thanks to some really good humans, who stopped their worlds to help, they live in a beautiful and loving home, bonded to each other like best friends.


Doing full-speed zoomies, in and out of the house, every, single time their mom gets home. Don’t want her to forget how grateful they are for second chances.

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