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Maggie, Foxy, Beauty...Greeting Card - Holiday 10 Pack

Maggie, Foxy, Beauty...Greeting Card - Holiday 10 Pack

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Set of ten single folded greeting cards with A7 envelopes. Printed responsibly on 5 x 7" premium cover weight, recycled paper stock.
Card back features the Bassett, Westie and mixed-breed Underdogs' profile.


Cover - side by side
Inside - or miles apart
you will always be with me,
in my heart
happy holidays

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Maggie, Foxy, Beauty, Audrey and Woody


Outcasts, with some of the hardest starts to life. But as fate would have it, their new families are completely and totally, head over heels in love with them.


Making the world an infinitely better place for all of us.

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