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Rosie Holiday Greeting Card - Holiday 10 Pack

Rosie Holiday Greeting Card - Holiday 10 Pack

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Set of ten single folded greeting cards with A7 envelopes.
Printed responsibly in the USA on 5 x 7" premium cover weight, recycled paper stock.
Card back features the Jack Russell Terrier's Underdog profile.


Cover - special delivery
Inside - from our pack to yours
happy holidays

Back of Card




Owners didn’t want her around anymore. Fast forward to a new and wonderful life, made possible by the folks at Russell Rescue. Today Rosie lives with an awesome pack of Jacks and is loved on every day. She wins regularly at Barn Hunt, volunteers as a Registered Therapy Dog and even has her own print and film agent. There’s nothing this awesome girl can’t do!


Agility and balance of a world class athlete. In fact, Rosie’s tree climbing skills are known far and wide…but mostly to the squirrels in her neighborhood.
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